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  • This academy has been amazing! My son is only 14 and has been with them for over a year. It has taught him so much about discipline, honesty and friendship. The owners, Travis and lisa are so accommodating and encouraging every step of the way. My son is the youngest boy in the group but considers this group such good friends. He is at every class 5 days a week. His eating habits and respect has changed dramatically. Love it here.

    Michelle D.
  • Ok so I am somewhat of a nerdy type that has wanted to learn every martial art that I possibly can!  Although my background is all stand up fighting and I have actively avoided any kind of grappling, I decided to try Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at Radius Martial Arts.  I cannot tell you how comfortable I feel training with Sensei Travis (owner and black belt) and Sensei Steve in BJJ both gi and no-gi respectively.  Everyone is very patient and accommodating and I do not just mean the instructors.  Some of the other more advanced students are very eager to help you and I gotta say that really helps to learn an art that I do not consider easy.  In addition, I have decided to advance my learning of Muay Thai and Coach Josh is a great instructor that will help you with all things Muay Thai!  I also happen to train in Wing Chun Kung Fu which is also offered here and Sifu De San Ti is a great instructor.  For those of you who have always wanted to "try out" martial arts, I can only say that this place is amazing, very very affordable and you really should try it out!

    Roger A.
  • I spent years at Radius Martial Arts training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with some of the best teammates I could ask for, including Travis, who is now the owner. It's not hard to find a martial arts school that has an owner with a black belt or even a decorated competitive past, but it IS hard to find an owner that cares about his students as much as Travis does. 

    Radius is a welcoming environment. It's not the size of a warehouse like a UFC gym might be, and it doesn't try to be all things for all people. It's a martial arts school that prides itself on honor, discipline, respect, and of course, hard work. 

    Old or young, tall or short, man or woman, it doesn't matter. Radius has programs that fit your needs and your schedule. That's the great thing about martial arts (and BJJ specifically, which I'm partial to)--it doesn't lend itself to one type of person or body style. It's for everyone. 

    If you're looking for a martial arts school in the Fairfield County area that will welcome you with open arms and focuses on disciplines that are effective and useful (and not just a money grab), then Radius is the place.

    Jon T.
  • I really had a fantastic experience training here. Everyone was very respectful and friendly and i felt comfortable the whole time (even while training leg locks which i didnt do too much before). The balance of 10th planet no gi and bjj with the gi is really nice exposure. I also appreciate that the bjj classes didnt feel like bjj cross fit which is definitely fair considering that they offer fitness classes and muy thai as well! Personally im more of a relaxed and take it easy bjj guy so that aspect was such a relief for me. That being said the fitness classes before bjj that i watched at radius did look intense! Osssss

    David Citrin
  • A very welcoming gym with passionate people that aren't afraid to do hard work. Encouraging and patient with newer students but able to bring an intense effort to those who are advanced. The coaches are a great mix of teaching and motivating.

    John Hirsch
  • Great facility with great instructors! Check em out.

    Derek S
  • Took a intro to 10th planet JJ the guys at Radius could not be more welcoming and helpful I can't wait to go back and cross train with them.

    Sean Matta
  • Great instruction in BJJ, Muay Thai and Submission Grappling. If you are serious about improving your life then join!!

    George Chaber
  • The teachers and students make you want to keep coming back. The extra training that is offered with seminars and training with students from are affiliated schools is amazing. Please come join our family!

    Deborah Szabo
  • Everyone is welcomed regardless of level of experience. A real family atmosphere, wonderful teachers and friendly students.

    Sandra Hampson
  • Luckens P. , Radius Martial Arts Academy Testimonials

    I've never been to a school with such knowledgeable instructors. It is an absolute gold mine being able to train with the guys and gals at radius. They've transformed my bjj game to a level i didn't think possible, and im extremely grateful for it. If you're looking for an intense but chill training enviornment I 200% recommend this school.

    Luckens P.
  • Joe B. , Radius Martial Arts Academy Testimonials

    I am more than impressed with Radius. I recommend that anyone considering training in martial arts go to Radius as soon as they can, they'll regret waiting! The instructors are incredibly friendly with a wide breadth of knowledge in martial arts. The personable instructors make the environment extremely welcoming to newcomers like myself, and this great attitude extends to the students as well. All of the students are respectful of one another, regardless of skill level, which creates instant camaraderie in the class.

    I am more than satisfied to attend classes at Radius and look forward to training there for a long time. Even as a newbie in BJJ, I feel comfortable in class and rolling with any of the instructors or students. I could not be happier with joining Radius Martial Arts!

    Joe B.
  • Michael M. , Radius Martial Arts Academy Testimonials

    Great people great vibes, I would recommend this spot to anyone looking for solid training

    Michael M.
  • Jason O. , Radius Martial Arts Academy Testimonials

    Radius is a great martial arts school. Their instructors are top notch and very passionate about teaching. The members/students are friendly and humble on the mats. New students are always welcomed by the "veterans." Lastly, the owners are awesome people who are very reasonable in their business approach.

    Jason O.
  • Justin T. , Radius Martial Arts Academy Testimonials

    Truly the finest training facility in the area. Classes are taught with respect and professionalism. Environment is free from "Alpha" dominate personalities and narrow minded bullies. A true American Gym comprised of an extensive multi cultural mix of participants all with the same goal in mind. Equipment is clean and new, instructors are approachable and realistic in their expectations, and the owners are honest and positive. All those looking to succeed in cultivating a healthy lifestyle (for the mind, body, and soul) need not look any further than Radius Martial Arts Academy.

    Justin T.
  • Michelle M. , Radius Martial Arts Academy Testimonials

    This club is awesome! My son is only 14 and has been a member for over a year. He has learned so much about discipline, friendship and respect. This group has welcomed my son and respect him as an equal. The owners, Travis and Lisa are so committed to making this club a place where people want to come. My son goes 5 days a week and considers this a second home. Thank you Radius!!!

    Michelle M.
  • Mandy M. , Radius Martial Arts Academy Testimonials

    This is an excellent Martial Arts Academy. My two sons (5 and 6) learned discipline, strength and balance within a wonderfully supportive environment. The sensei's are warm and also firm, and my boys and I felt completely comfortable. I highly recommend Radius to anyone looking for martial arts training for children or adults.

    Mandy M.
  • Pat C. , Radius Martial Arts Academy Testimonials

    At Radius Martial Arts Academy you will find high level instruction in a variety of martial arts. This is the place to go if you are in the Fairfield area!

    Pat C.


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